We do Hi-tech too!

IT Problem Solving

We have Kegsoft advanced new Business Language (KBL) and tools plus vast experience in  tough project turnarounds and big IT corporate problem solving. Give us a call if you need such help. We work fast.

Considering setting up your own online shop?

See our guide to creating an eshop. If you're not selling online, you are losing business and now is a great time to add ecommerce to your business as it's possible to create and configure an eshop using 'out of the box' facilities. It can be done quickly for a only a small outlay and low ongoing costs BUT, a good shop front design and prominent web profile is essential if it is to be successful. If you are unsure how to proceed, call us and we'll be happy to give you half an hour's free consultancy and perhaps surprise you with the possibilities. 

Eshop one-day courses
If you want want to take full control for creating your own eshop and save yourself £100s in set-up costs and maintenance - but need just a bit of help to get started, we will shortly offering one-day courses in Leominster to set you on your way. Contact us for details.

More complex requirements?

We have extensive expertise in 'heavy duty' commercial IT development and can offer a range of services.
  • Database Design (see our Practical Guide)
  • Cloud, Web-based, mobile & cross-platform application development
  • Integrating 3rd Party & bespoke packages with web-based applications 
  • Project Management, project turnarounds, interim solutions
  • Data Analytics, ETL
If you need something out of the ordinary ...an application specific to your business, we would be happy to provide a quote for bespoke line-of-business requirements no matter the size or complexity, We use latest development methods and our advanced 'Application Factory' technology can significantly reduce delivery time for complex, cross-platform implementations.

Publishing & ePublishing

We have a lot of experience in short-run book publishing and helping self-publishers get their projects off the ground for a very low outlay and it's now easy to switch between publishing ebooks and printed books with little effort. See our guide to Publishing Books using Your PC 

Big Multi-Channel Ecommerce 

We use Kegsoft Advanced Language for Business (KBL) to set-up and maintain large ecommerce / mcommerce  stores - for example see Chefswarehouse (UK) which has over 25,000 products across 350+ brands. Our ultra -efficient operating methods enable a significant lowering of operating costs ....and hence the ability to promote low prices.