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Questions/Terms & Conditions

This shop is ownws and operated by

Peter Domanski
Coldwell Farm
United Kingdom

1.1 The minimum order via our online shop is set at £1.00 the maximum £500.00 and 20 items in your cart. For larger orders, please contact us directly.
2.1 Carriage will be charged according to size and weight but where stated, postage for orders over £20 in the UK will be included in the price for STANDARD rate delivery. For exceptionally bulky items we may charge extra.
2.2 Carriage will normally be priced per individual item
2.3 Customers may wish to pay extra for 1st Class delivery
2.4 Carriage to outside of the UK will be priced accordingly
3.1 All non-perishable new products purchased from Coldwell Farm will have a 1 year guarantee from date of purchase for agreed manufacturing faults after inspection by Coldwell Farm staff.

3.2 If there is a fault in the product, confirmed by Coldwell Farm staff, we will replace the item or refund the cost. 

4.1 Where goods are returned to us and the problem is confirmed by Coldwell Farm staff, we will refund the carriage costs

4.2 Where goods need to be collected from a retailer, the retailer will incur a carriage charge per item of £9.99 for collection and £7.50 for returning the product to the retailer. These charges will be refunded to the retailer if the problem is confirmed by Coldwell Farm staff as a manufacturing fault and the product is within the warranty period. When your account is active you must agree to these terms before you place an order.

5.1 Our products are currently not subject to VAT

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Please feel free to call us on 01568 613272 or use the Contact Us form.

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